The Team

Kanishka Maheshwari
Kanishka has an eleven-year track record of building successful products at Salesforce. He joined as an engineering intern in 2006 and progressed to being a Lead Engineer, before becoming Director of Product Management of the Salesforce Search Engine – the most used Salesforce product. During his tenure the service scaled 1000x to 150 million queries per day. He also developed the A/B Testing framework at Salesforce, and is a certified finance geek.
Greg Pascale
Greg is an accomplished full-stack developer who has worked at top tech and financial companies. He first combined his passion for technology and finance on the fixed income desk at Barclays Capital. At Microsoft, he singularly developed one of the company’s first iOS apps, a Photosynth viewer, while still an intern, and later led development of vector-based maps on iOS for Bing. He was the first employee at Clipboard, which was acquired by Salesforce in 2013. Most recently, Greg worked at elite hedge fund Citadel on the alternative data team, leading various analytics & visualization projects which are used across the entire firm to drive investment decisions.
Mike Dombrowski
Head of Capital Markets
Mike is an 18 year Wall Street veteran who has held positions as a proprietary trader, portfolio manager, and advisor. Over the last 12 years, Mike built an interest rate management advisory at Arbor Research catering to institutional bank portfolio managers, traders, and CFO’s. Mike became the first call in navigating the turbulent interest rate market and assisted in managing upwards of $1 billion in securities a month.