Safe and secure cash management for businesses.

Manage your money like a Fortune 500 company, whether you're about to IPO or still working in a garage.

Automate your money in three easy steps.

InterPrime is designed to be simple. Let us handle your money while you focus on building your company.

  • Select your investment policy

    We’ll make sure your policy is tailored to fit the specific cash flow and security needs of your business. We can even help you design one.

  • Connect your bank account

    With our bank account sweep feature, InterPrime monitors your bank account and automatically sends you money whenever you’re running below your minimum operating balance.

  • Rest easy

    We’re always watching over your money and scanning the markets to make sure your investment portfolio is optimized for safety, liquidity and yield. Set it and forget it!

What do you get with InterPrime?

Safety & Security

The safety of your money is our number one priority. Your assets are custodied with Interactive Brokers and Charles Schwab and insured up to $30 million.**

Seamless Access

Our investment strategy is designed to make sure you have money when you need it. Access your money without penalties or fees in 1 business day.

Market Rates

As an Investment Advisor, InterPrime is not beholden to any bank, fund or institution. We know the market and strive to get you the best rate, investing in the highest grade securities and cash-equivalent U.S government bonds.

Full Transparency

You have full visibility into the assets you own. And you really own them! Everything is held individually (no funds) and directly in your name.

Tools to plan for your financial future.

Try our cash calculator to project your finances into the future

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Using Bond Ladders to put your idle cash to work

The tools and strategies to grow the money you have move along a risk spectrum.. On one side are speculative high risk where you hunt for home runs. On the other side are conservative slow grinders with reduced risk and potential for consistent profits. Neither is better than the other. You only need to understand the risk and potential outcome going into it.This post will explain one of the more conservative strategies that can create cash flow and income. It is called a bond ladder and it can be used by companies and individuals.
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What Everyone Ought to Know About Leverage

Everyone wants to grow their nest egg. The easiest way to do that is through compounding of gains over time. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the patience to follow that plan. Luckily, finance wizards created leverage.This post will explain leverage, common uses, and keys to using it. Be warned - leverage is a mighty tool. It can speed up money pile growth, or it can wipe you out completely. With great power comes great responsibility!
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When money is cheap, corporations borrow!

There is always chatter about how money is cheap and big companies can borrow huge amounts at low interest rates. This post will provide insight into how much “cheap money” is really there, who is able to take advantage of it, and how they benefit and put it to use.
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Stablecoins - Will Dollars Go Digital?

Stablecoins were created to bridge the gap between digital crypto currencies/assets and real world assets. The thinking is this - if crypto assets are built with the backing of real world assets there could be a reduction or removal of price volatility.‍A reduction of price volatility will then make them more attractive to everyday people. In turn, making them more accepted for payments and storing value.‍Let’s be honest - if your buying power can move 50% higher or lower at any given time. It’s likely you won't keep a large part of your net worth in that asset.
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How the bond yield curve moves the markets

The finance industry is littered with buzzwords and jargon. Because of that ”normal folks” can feel overwhelmed and hesitant to take advantage of the opportunities that abound.‍One of the things we pride ourselves on is breaking down cryptic financial jargon, so everyone can understand and move confidently.‍In this post we are going to tackle the yield curve. Our hope is that when you finish reading this post. You will have an idea of what it tells you about the economy and financial markets. 
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