Safe and secure cash management for businesses.

Manage your money like a Fortune 500 company, whether you're about to IPO or still working in a garage.

Automate your money in three easy steps.

InterPrime is designed to be simple. Let us handle your money while you focus on building your company.

  • Select your investment policy

    We’ll make sure your policy is tailored to fit the specific cash flow and security needs of your business. We can even help you design one.

  • Connect your bank account

    With our bank account sweep feature, InterPrime monitors your bank account and automatically sends you money whenever you’re running below your minimum operating balance.

  • Rest easy

    We’re always watching over your money and scanning the markets to make sure your investment portfolio is optimized for safety, liquidity and yield. Set it and forget it!

What do you get with InterPrime?

Safety & Security

The safety of your money is our number one priority. Your assets are custodied with Interactive Brokers and Charles Schwab and insured up to $30 million.**

Seamless Access

Our investment strategy is designed to make sure you have money when you need it. Access your money without penalties or fees in 1 business day.

Market Rates

As an Investment Advisor, InterPrime is not beholden to any bank, fund or institution. We know the market and strive to get you the best rate, investing in the highest grade securities and cash-equivalent U.S government bonds.

Full Transparency

You have full visibility into the assets you own. And you really own them! Everything is held individually (no funds) and directly in your name.

Tools to plan for your financial future.

Try our cash calculator to project your finances into the future

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How real estate investors can increase return and cash flow: Cost Segregation

Today we have Jacob from Rixon & Associates sharing a strategy that can help Real Estate investors improve returns and cash flow - thank you Jacob!‍A cost-segregation study is a strategic planning tool that commercial and investment real estate owners can use to increase their cash flow, improve their tax position and improve their overall after-tax return on investment.
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A Startup Founder's Guide to being your own CFO

Andi Ruda the Founder & CEO of Rainbow CFO gives insight on how startups can bootstrap and automate their finance function early on, and then provides guidance on how to bring in external experts. Andi also shares tips and practices you can adopt to ensure your company is on track towards growth, profitability and liquidity without spending a lot of money.
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Crowdfunding - Invest like a Venture Capitalist

Did you ever see a company and think - wow that is an incredible business, I wish I was a part of it? I certainly have and unfortunately the only ways to be a part of it was by working there or investing in it.Getting a job at a fast growing company doing amazing things is hard enough. But being able to invest early in the company journey is even more difficult.Funding potentially groundbreaking companies is usually reserved for the ultra wealthy or for venture capitalists. That is until crowdfunding came along opening the door to average investors.In this post I am going to explain what crowdfunding is and educate you on how you can use it effectively.
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The Bond Market - The Market that moves all markets

The bond market is the global marketplace to buy and sell debt securities. You may also hear it called the fixed income market, credit market or debt market. This note is going to speak about the relationship between bonds and all other markets. The goal is to give you a better understanding of how bonds decide much of what happens in the finance world.
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There is No Free Lunch: A look at bond yields

Investing is hard. Anyone telling you different is a huckster. If investing was so easy, we would all be billionaires. Google "world's greatest investors" and you will see the same lists of 20 or so people. In a world with billions of people and hundreds of years of potential investors, that list is pretty darn short. That leads me to ask: Why are there so few great investors? This post will explore the connection between risk and potential returns. It will also outline a few handy steps to help you chase the investing greats.
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